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Top 3 Best Motherboard For Gaming Under 5000

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Top 3 Best Motherboard For Gaming Under 5000

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nirav Patel

The Motherboard is one of the essential components that affect your overall gaming experience. In today’s era where everybody inclines gaming, your Motherboard must be of top-notch quality. Choosing a motherboard is a critical choice to make as it houses the main pieces of your PC, such as the design card, CPU, and each other segment your PC should be useful.

If you are also someone who is finding it a bit difficult to see some of the best Motherboards for your PC, then you have hopped on to the right place. This post shall exclusively discuss some of the top and best motherboard for gaming that you can buy under the sum of 5000. Not just this, it shall also deal with some other essential things.
Top 3 Best Motherboard for Gaming Under 5000

1. ASUS Intel 8th Gen DDR4 HDMI VGA Micro ATX Motherboards

ASUS Intel 8th Gen DDR4 HDMI VGA Micro ATX Motherboards

The first motherboard name we have on the list is ASUS Intel 8th Gen DDR4 HDMI VGA Micro ATX Motherboards. Firstly, it is Asus that is a trusted brand, so you can easily incline it, and then also it has some fantastic features embedded in it.
It is planned only for the eighth-era Intel Core processors to augment network and speed with an incorporated M.2 space. Not just this, it has also got 5x Protection III Hardware-level shields that give segment lifespan and dependability to the Motherboard.

The Asus advanced improves memory steadiness and execution by improving follow detachment between PCB layers to keep up sign honesty even at higher frequencies. It has all the potential to become your perfect choice as it serves more in a significantly less amount of money.

What we Like Us
  • The battery gets included in the Motherboard.
  • It is quite lightweight
  • It has also got a graphical user interface.

2. MSI A320M-A PRO MAX AMD AM4 Socket m-ATX Motherboard

MSI A320M-A PRO MAX AMD AM4 Socket m-ATX Motherboard

Moving on with the list, the next Motherboard that we have on our list is the MSI A320M-A PRO MAX AMD AM4 Socket m-ATX Motherboard for Ryzen 1st 2nd 3rd Gen A-Series Athlon X4 Desktop Processors. It is yet another great motherboard if we consider the factor of gaming. The other thing to note here is that it has also got some fantastic reviews, which has also called some credibility.

Talking more about this keyboard, it supports first, second, and third Gen AMD Ryzen/Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics and second Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon Graphics/Athlon Radeon Vega Graphics and A-arrangement/Athlon X4 Desktop Processors for Socket AM4. This particular Motherboard also supports DDR4 Memory, up to 3200 (OC) MHz.
The Athlon X$ has got Super M.2 Running at PCI-E Gen3 x4 amplifies execution for NVMe based SSDs. It shall Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality. X-Boost. Not just this, it has also got software that auto-identifies and permits you to support the exhibition of any capacity or USB gadget.

What we Like Us
  • Fully digital power design
  • Support core
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.

3. GIGABYTE H310M H 2.0


Last but not least, the next name that we have got on the list is GIGABYTE H310M H 2.0. It is another fantastic and excellent choice that can be your perfect buy. Besides, it is a very powerful motherboard which has got some outstanding features as well as specifications.

The Motherboard supports ninth and eighth Gen Intel Core Processors and has a double Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4. It has got 8-Channel HD Audio with High-Quality Audio Capacitors and GIGABYTE Exclusive 8118 Gaming LAN with Bandwidth Management. One of the best things about the particular keyboard is that it starts saving power with the help of a simple click.

What we Like Us
  • Very lightweight
  • Positive Ratings
  • Quality

Essential Parts of a Motherboard

There are a lot of parts of a Motherboard that are quite crucial. However, in this section, we shall only be discussing those which are essential from a gaming point of view. Let’s have a look:

CPU Socket

The CPU socket of a motherboard is ostensibly the main piece of a motherboard. A CPU socket type will tell you whether you’ll have the option to utilize a specific age of processors and if they’ll be prepared for a group of people yet to come, that discharges later on.

The absolute generally utilized and most up to date sockets today would be AM4 for AMD’s Ryzen processors and LGA 1151 for Intel’s more current processors.


A motherboard’s chipset is a data center point for the board in general. Chipsets are answerable for taking care of the data that gets passed from the CPU to outer gadgets and available highlights of the board.

Likewise, it is how you’ll have the option to determine what sort of highlights a specific board will have. There isn’t a lot to state about PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) spaces on a motherboard other than the place where the illustration card goes.

A chipset will decide the number of USB ports that can get utilized on the board, the number of SATA ports will be on the board and various innovations that will have the option to be used on the board. Without a committed design card, you’re not going to have excellent gaming execution.

PCIe openings

PCIe openings are utilized for the illustration card just as different parts, for example, various types of connectors.
Your illustration card will go into the PCI-E x16 opening. X16 is how the door is named, which tells the client which space is viable for an illustration card. One might say that a motherboard assists with gaming execution since it must have the option to interface a design card and have the opportunity to send and get data through it.

Memory (RAM) Slots

Another ‘not so significant’ segment of a motherboard regarding gaming, yet it’s as yet worth referencing since the RAM is 8GB of RAM to have the option to deal with the present games. It helps your PC perform various tasks and stores irregular pieces of data to remember while executing multiple errands, for example, playing a game and being on Discord simultaneously.

SATA Ports

SATA ports are liable for associating various drives. Conventional hard drives, strong state drives, and CD drives are what gets associated with SATA ports.

These ports go about as the connector to send and get data to and from your PC overall. Without them, a PC wouldn’t have the option to tell on the off chance that it had any capacity or even have the opportunity to realize where to store various documents and games.


A BIOS (Basic information/yield framework) is the interface used to execute and communicate with everything going on with the Motherboard. Framework fan speeds, hard drive acknowledgment, overclocking, and, in general, information stream gets done inside the BIOS.

Things to Consider While buying a Motherboard for Gaming Under 5000

Something you generally need to search for in your new Motherboard is its capability while overclocking, as this cycle gives your processor a significant super lift in execution. Another thing to look out for is the thing that Chipsets frequently overclock at various levels.

B450 motherboards will, as a rule, overclock superior to their B350 partners. What’s more, X370/470 motherboards get made for overclocking, so they will generally beat B350 and B450.

Each chipset gets made for the processor age they were delivered with, and keeping in mind that you can utilize any Ryzen CPU in any AM4 motherboard, there are a few openings to hop through. To lay it out plainly, Ryzen Gen 1 CPUs (1200, 1600, 1700) can run in any AM4 motherboard right away.

The new 3000 arrangement chips follow the example of the 2000s, aside from they are at present just out-of-the-crate viable with X570 sheets. Ryzen Gen 2 CPUs (2400G, 2600, 2700) can run in B450, X470, and X570 out of the case; however, B350 and X370 sheets will require an update to the most recent BIOS adaptation to be viable (this cycle requires a conceivable CPU).

Does Motherboard Affects your Overall Gaming Experience

The short answer is no. A motherboard doesn’t make a difference with regards to gaming execution. Once in a while, some people get the overall thought that the Motherboard is significant. It also regards the number of edges or how quickly a game will stack on your PC.

In case you’re contemplating whether a motherboard can build your PC’s degree of execution, then you’ll need to investigate overclocking your equipment.

A motherboard associates the entirety of the significant equipment together. Gaming execution isn’t influenced by the Motherboard alone. But overclocking inside a motherboard’s BIOS can expand in general performance.
It essentially isn’t correct. A motherboard is essentially answerable for ensuring the entirety of a PC’s various pieces can associate and speak with each other. Think about the Motherboard as the establishment. The video card and processor wouldn’t have the option to associate with your framework without the Motherboard, thus not giving any gaming execution whatsoever.

Presently how about we go over various motherboard pieces and clarify how they do (or don’t) influence a PC’s gaming execution. In case you’re needing to get straight to the point with regards to building a gaming PC that will perform well at that point, look at the guide connected here – you’ll express gratitude toward yourself later!

Overclocking your processor and additionally, the video card can build their degrees of execution, yet you ought to do this just in case you’re ready for the danger in question. There are many video controls out there that are explicit to the sort of CPU you have and the specific load up where they’ll give you the general tour with regards to overclocking your equipment.
Just particular sorts of loads up will have the option to overclock and get done inside the BIOS interface of your Motherboard. Please find out about your Motherboard’s manual for more data seeing its BIOS. As I referenced before, please make sure to research and watch many recordings on overclocking with your equipment before you try it out.


We are sure that there must be many questions that must be in your mind regarding motherboards for gaming. Don’t you think it would be great if we discuss quite a few of them in detail? Have a look to find the answer to some of the essential questions regarding Motherboard for Gaming purpose.

Does Your Motherboard Affect FPS?

Motherboards don’t directly in any way impact your gaming execution by any means. Your Motherboard will permit your design card and processor to perform better (or more terrible).
Such is the case with the FPS too. It doesn’t directly influence framerate, yet it unquestionably makes your PC more responsive in general, and your games will stack path quicker also.

What is the difference between Regular Pc and a Gaming Motherboard?

Gamers request more execution and frequently stretch the boundaries, while a regular PC client is mindless. Higher edge rates for first-individual shooters can distinguish between a first-rate insight and a bland, jerky, irritating gaming meeting.
Therefore, Motherboards get made by keeping the above things in mind, and that is why they are quite different in their specification and how they carry out their work.


Here, we have tried our best to give you the best options and laid out things that you must know about the best motherboard for gaming under 5000. So, why are you waiting? Go through this piece of writing, and if you like any of the motherboards, seal the deal?

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Top 3 Best Motherboard For Gaming Under 5000