According to FTC guidelines and the European GDPR guidelines concerning endorsements and testimonials in advertising, I am required to disclose that certain links and reviews on this website are affiliate links and that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you or my other visitors make using those links.

How does affiliate marketing work on Gaming

What is affiliate marketing exactly?

Basically, I have teamed up with certain product and service providers I trust and use myself and I have unique links to specific products/services from them. When you click on an affiliate link on this website and decide to buy a product, I receive a small commission for referring you. There is no additional cost to you.

Understand that my goal with this blog is to help and inspire people to learn how to start blogging and turn their blogs into successful online businesses. And show them the best way to do it.

And while I wish I could just sit back, do my research, and write articles all day – I do have expenses. Which is why I include affiliate links for certain products and services in my blog posts.

I only work with companies who have products and services that I have used and tested and that can help my readers.

I see this as a win-win situation. The sponsors get to tell you about their products, I get compensated for the time and money I spend on Gaming, while you get to find out about tools and resources that can help you turn your blog into a successful business. Yay!

Why do we use affiliate marketing on Gaming

My goal with this website is to help you find the best possible resources for starting your own blog and succeeding in creating something you can be proud of.

Especially when you’re just getting started with blogging and you’re looking for answers to your questions, it’s extremely helpful to find everything you need to know in one place.

Having someone point out what’s worked for them in the past and hear them share their experience is an invaluable support you can have for starting your own blog.

Therefore, I’ve decided to gather my favourite helpful resources and other material on this website and share everything I know with you.

I only include products and services that I really think are useful and worthwhile.

However, please do not buy any products or services using my affiliate links unless you really feel like you need them and they help you reach your goals with blogging faster or more easily.

Which resources do we promote through affiliate networks?

For some of the best resources I’ve used to plan, start, grow, and monetize my blogs, I have chosen to participate in affiliate programs of a handful of selected partners.

I know that they can help you create a successful blog from scratch – just like they did for me.

While most of the links, images, and other content on Gaming has no material connection to the brands, products, and services that I have mentioned, it’s easiest to assume that any link you see is an affiliate link.

However, for full disclosure, the affiliate programs I am currently enrolled with include:


In case you have any questions about how or why I’m participating in affiliate marketing on this website, please feel free to contact me anytime directly at

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