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#5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India (2021)

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Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000

Last Updated on August 8, 2021 by Nirav Patel

If you are a gaming enthusiast and do you want to buy a gaming mouse, Looking for the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India. then this list is for you. When you play games on your pc and laptop, then you will know that there is a difference between a gaming mouse and a common mouse. In gaming mouse, you can customize the sensitivity which makes your gaming performance great or realistic.

If you play games like GTA, PUBG, Fortnight like FPS games so this gaming mouse is for you, it also includes the best gaming company like MSI, Logitech, Razor, Asus.

If you are buying the best gaming mouse under 3000, for the first time, then this information is very helpful.

If you are buying the best gaming mouse under 3000, for the first time, then this information is very helpful.


DPI means (dot per inch) measure your mouse sensitivity. When you change DPI, you can adjust the pointer speed, it will be very useful in gaming and photo editing. Higher DPI as high accurate FPS gaming.


Grip has a very important role in gaming as if you play gaming for a long time, then grip keeps your hand soft and comfortable. there are 3 types of grip 

  1. Palm Grip
  2. Claw Grip
  3. Fingertip Grip

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Extra Button

Extra buttons are meant to make your gaming easy and nothing else. This works like if you are playing a shooting game, you can set your primary weapon with this button and you can use the other button as a secondary weapon. You can give different functions to many buttons, it makes your gaming easy and comfortable. Normally gaming mice have 3 buttons but below the best gaming mouse Under 3000 use a more than button then normal mouse.

RGB Lighting

This is not so important, but I think it is important for gaming. If you are YouTuber and choose to live stream, RGB Lite is important for you. You can customize the color in most of the mice.

Here are the best gaming mouse lists you can easily buy online market sites. 

Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Ergonomic Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

This is the best gaming mouse under 3000. It comes from a razer. razer has been voted the best gaming industry of all time. This is a razer optical mouse and optical mouse more accurate than a laser mouse. It is one of the most advanced mice in the world and it is available with 99.4% resolution accuracy. In this, you get 16,000 True Optical Sensors and True 450 IPS (inch per second).

Talking about the switch, it gets gaming optimized mechanical switches. Sustainable up to 50 million clicks.


  • True 16,000 DPI | True 450 IPS | 99.4% Resolution Accuracy
  • Durable up to 50 million clicks
  • 7 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • Mechanical Mouse switches
  • Razer Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Best Optical Mouse
  • weight: 96 g / 0.21 lbs
  • Compatible with Xbox One for basic input
  • RGB support


  • Nothing 😍

2. MSI Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor DS100)

This one from MSI. This comes to MSI Interceptor. this is the best gaming mouse Under 3000 after razer. This Mouse is Laser Gaming Mouse. A laser mouse is known for its sensitivity. A laser mouse uses any surface. In this, you get up to 8,200 DPI with sensor accuracy.

This gaming mouse support with RGB light you can change or customize your choice.


  • Anti-Slip Rubber Side Grip
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Exclusive Gaming Software
  • Laser gaming mouse
  • up to 8200 High DPI
  • RGB support


  • Weight 0.75 lbs

3. HyperX Pulsefire HX-MC004B Core RGB Gaming Mouse (Black)

This mouse comes from Hyperx. This is a wired RGB gaming mouse. In this, you get 7 programmable buttons and with dedicated hyper x software. It has a high-quality switch. up to 20 million clicks. It comes in an optical mouse, With customizable RGB lights. this best gaming mouse in soft and low weight. If you looking for the best gaming mouse under 3000, you choose this one hyper x gaming mouse. 

The DPI gets a maximum of 6200 DPI with braided cable.


  • up to 6200 High DPI
  • 7 Programmable buttons
  • RGB support
  • Pixart 3327 optical sensor with native DPI up to 6,200
  • Weight 0.19 lbs / 75 grams
  • HyperX NGenuity software
  • Most Accurate


  • No Mechanical Switch

4. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

It comes from the Logitech gaming industry. If you looking for Best gaming mouse Under 3000 in Logitech G series this for you. It is one of the wireless optical mice. It has 11 programmable buttons which are the better for gaming you choose more customize gaming functions. DPI: up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000) or temporarily downshift DPI for sniping. This mouse with 1A battery.


  • Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • RGB support
  • 11 Programmable buttons
  • up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000)
  • Weight: 0.71 lbs


  • No RGB Light
  • No Lithium Metal Batteries

5. ASUS ROG Strix Impact Lightweight Optical MOBA Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Strix Impact Lightweight Optical MOBA Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Strix Impact Lightweight Optical MOBA Gaming Mouse from Asus. It features RGB lighting with many customizable colors. It is a mouse optical mouse. You can click 50 million in it. It has ROG armory software. The only drawback is that it has 3 dedicated buttons. You can also buy this one as the best gaming mouse Under 3000. Asus Rog spatha gaming mouse from Asus. 


  • USB wired optical gaming mouse
  • 50 Million click up
  • RGB support
  • Weight 109 g
  • Omron switches
  • Ergonomic-ambidextrous Design


  • only 3 dedicated button
  • There are No Programmable buttons

(Bonus) Top Rated Mouse Under 3000Rs

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